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MUPE "Borovka" is guided by the principle of social responsibility. The company pays care special attention about the users and the district population in general, which is expressed in constant readiness of employees to provide professional assistance to customers.

The main activities carried out by MUPE "Borovka" include:

  • maintenance of housing;
  • water supply and sanitation;
  • heating and hot water supply;
  • disposal and treatment of solid waste.

In addition, the company operates in the following areas:

  • execution of construction and installation works;
  • the provision of transport services;
  • provision of household services;
  • production of wood chips, pellets, briquettes sawdust, retail;
  • improvement.

MUPE "Borovka" performs the qualitative duty to provide housing and communal services to the population and companies of Lepel district. It regularly develops its work in cooperation with the Lepel district executive committee introduces new approaches to providing comfortable living conditions of inhabitants served territory.

The strategy of development of the enterprise includes:

  • the most complete customer satisfaction with the quality of services;
  • introduction of advanced technologies, scientific achievements in all spheres of activity of the enterprise;
  • release of globally competitive products.


Our goods



The current environmental situation in the world makes a lot of attention paid to the use of biofuels in commercial and residential scale. One of the types of biofuels - solid. These include pellets and briquettes - pressed products from wood waste (sawdust, wood chips, bark, Hungry and substandard wood, logging residues during harvesting) and other biomass.

The briquettes and pellets are used for home heating, boiler and thermal power plant, are well suited for use in a brazier and fireplaces.


Wood briquettes manufactured by pressing wood chips under high pressure at high temperature. In plant cells contains lignin, which is a connecting element in the production of briquettes RUF type sawdust without additives and binders.

Main advantages:

Low ash, clean burning, quick buildup, support constant temperature, high burning.


  • The ash content of 2.3%
  • Sulfur content 0.04%
  • Humidity 7% 


Pellets - biofuels, derived from peat, wood waste and agricultural waste. It represents standard sized cylindrical pellets 8.6 mm in diameter.

Main advantages:

Pellets differ from conventional high dry wood (moisture content 8-12% in all, and the humidity of raw wood - 30-50%), and more - about half - density than wood. These qualities provide a high heating value compared to the wood or chips - by combustion 1 tonne granule allocated approximately 3.5 h • thousand KW of heat that a half times more than normal wood.

One of the major advantages of pellets - high and constant bulk density, makes it relatively easy to transport the bulk product over long distances.

Ease of automatic feeding to the boiler is also an integral feature of the use of wood pellets in the home and at work.


  • The ash content of 0,65%
  • Sulfur content 0,02%
  • Humidity 7,1% 

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Municipal Unitary Production Enterprise "Borovka"

Address: 211174 Ulyanka Str. 26a Lepel Vitebsk region

Phone/fax: (8 02132) 4-16-55. E-mail: kypp@yandex.by

We work: Monday - Friday: 8:00- 17:00 Lunch: 13-00- 14-00. 

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